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Playing KAFKA

Playing KAFKA

Trailer for first part of the game, which is based on the novel The Trial.

Experience a story set in between dream and reality in a game based on the work of an iconic writer.

Playing Kafka is a surreal adventure game set in the world of Franz Kafka, loosely based on his novels Castle, The Trial and Letter to his Father. The usual rules don’t apply in this video game. Can you follow them?

The video game will be available for free and will be released on PC and mobile in 2024, for the 100th anniversary of Kafka’s death.

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The game is being developed in cooperation with the Goethe Institut.

A version for schools is currently being tested. Those interested in education can find more information on the Goethe Institut website.

The project was supported by the National Recovery Plan of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, funded by the European Union.