Charles Games

an award-winning Prague-based indie game studio pushing the boundaries of what video games can do




We can help you raise awareness of your cause by turning ideas into memorable game experiences.

Game development

Our works have been internationally recognized for their design, stories and art direction. Together, we can transform your ideas into captivating games, on desktop, mobile or console.

Game design and gamification

We have a long experience in creating educational and serious games with a wide range of topics, from history to ecology.

Art direction

We make award-winning games with unique art direction.

We are ready to deliver your vision across multiple platforms, mobile, or desktop. Games are the language of the 21st century and we can help you harness their unique power.

We can help you to craft your vision into life 

Said about us

Mesmerizing, serious and heart-breaking gameplay.

Game Industry News

Excellent job. This is the way kids will learn in the future.

John Romero

Absolutely stunning and intimate cinematography.

Third Coast Review

An exceptional work of the Czech videogame scene!


Raw, believable and heart-breaking.


Immensely emotional journey.


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